Extension Lecture on Positive Programming – 15.09.2015

Partap College of Education, in collaboration with Braham Kumari Ashram, Mount Abu, today i.e. on 15.09.2015, organized an extension lecture on the topic ��?Positive Programming’. The keynote speaker of this motivational lecture was B.K. Gaurav Goyal who has more than 200 motivational lectures to his credit. He touched upon many pertinent issues like how to become an effective teacher by being a constant source of inspiration positive energy and love for your students. He also stressed upon ��?Stop defending yourself’, ��?Stop grudging and complaining about what goes wrong in your life’, ��?Stop blaming others for your failures’. But more than anything else stop punishing others when they exhibit courage to accept their faults and mistakes publically. In order to lead a happy and healthy life we should start introspecting and meditating. This will create a chain of positive thoughts, which will lead to positive attitude building and create a positive aura around ourselves. This technique works wonders equally with negative thinkers who after receiving positive vibrations and appreciation from others start believing in themselves. Positive programming, meditation and thanks giving are the ingredients of happy and healthy life. Mrs. Manpreet Kaur, Vice-Principal of the college, proposed a vote of thanks. She expressed her sense of immense gratitude towards all the members from Braham Kumari Ashram Mount Abu, who spared their precious time to create an aura of positive programming at Partap College of Education, Ludhiana with their motivational words, meditational techniques and most importantly with their positive presence.